Compromiso es…

Being a man, I do not believe Men have any trouble ‘committing’. Men freely commit to the Military (which could be for life). Men commit to old clothes (I’d wear the same outfit every day if I could) and cars and motorcycles (I wrecked my bike and was far more concerned about the gash in it’s paint than the one in my leg). Women cannot commit to an emotion (for more than 30 min) or a hairstyle (days perhaps) or even a pair of shoes (1 season tops).
How *does* a Man commit to a Woman who cannot commit to herself? Women are afraid to admit what they want (or need) in a Man or in a shoe, even to themselves. Go ahead, make a *specific* list of what you want (‘Love’ and ‘Romance’ are a bit vague – ‘Flowers on my birthday’ is better). Seal up the list and look at it again in 3 months. When 90% of the list does *not* change, you are ready to be committed to.

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