All I want from you is an answer!

It doesn’t matter who I am. I’m here for you, James. See? I’m real.

“We could not have known and have only just learned–perhaps mostly from children from two to five–that a new kind of relationship between people in groups is brought into being by SX-70 when the members of a group are photographing and being photographed and sharing the photographs: it turns out that buried within all of us–God knows beneath how many pregenital and Freudian and Calvinistic strata–there is latent interest in each other; there is tenderness, curiosity, excitement, affection, companionability and humor; it turns out that in this cold world where man grows distant from man, and even lovers can reach each other only briefly, that we have a yen for and a primordial competence for a quiet good-humored delight in each other: we have a prehistoric tribal competence for a non-physical, non-emotional, non-sexual satisfaction in being partners in the lonely exploration of a once empty planet.”

Edwin H. Land en la carta de introducción para la Polaroid SX-70, 1974.

El software es como la gente (a.ka. “Firefox, realmente no me caes tan mal)

“On the software side, I have so many complaints about every application that I use, even (especially) the ones I love the most, it’s hard to know where to begin.” – John Siracusa en The Setup. Via Daring Fireball.

Que traducido quiere decir algo como “En cuanto al software, tengo tantas quejas de cada programa que utilizo, incluso (especialmente) los que adoro más, que es difícil saber por donde empezar”.

En algún lado leí que “A la gente la queremos por sus virtudes pero la amamos por sus defectos” (creo que es de una película). Me identifico mucho con eso, particularmente en lo que a navegadores web se refiere. Casualmente es el tipo de programas que más utilizo.